MagicPicker Lite updates!

MagicPicker Lite is getting better all the time! This post will be featuring the history of all the updates.
V3.1.22/3.1.23 (10/08/2014)
What’s new:

Improved compatibility with Photoshop CC 2014.2
Fixed a couple of bugs connected to keyboard focus
Fixes and performance improvements to the UI

V3.1.21 (07/25/2014)
What’s new:

New color engine fixes the bug that caused mouse/stylus freezes on triangle and box
Improved responsiveness of the panel
Added back exchange colors and BW colors buttons
Added back foreground/background color linking!

V3.1.20 (07/14/2014)
What’s new:

UI tweaks
Improved Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 compatibility
Fill/Stroke swatches are now correctly displayed in Illustrator
RGB/HSB sliders now can be squeezed even more
Fixed lag when choosing colors on the color triangle with stylus on Windows
Other fixes and improvements

V3.1.19 (07/08/2014)
What’s new:

Brought back profile-calibrated CMYK boxes!
Fixed a bug when picking white on the triangle
Improved dialogs
Improved Photoshop integration
Improved UI for numerical boxes

V3.1.17/3.1.18 (07/01/2014)
What’s new:

Triangle color picker on the color wheel!
UI and bug fixes
New design for dialogs

V3.1.16 (06/23/2014)
What’s new:

Live color preview!
Speed improvements!
Hunted down some bugs including:
– correct switching between background and foreground colors
– picking colors on color wheel circle

You can upgrade MagicPicker Lite for Illustrator and Photoshop CC 2014 here

MagicPicker color wheel support for Illustrator & Photoshop CC 2014

MagicPicker color wheel support for Illustrator Photoshop CC 2014
MagicPicker color wheel support for Illustrator Photoshop CC 2014

MagicPicker 3.1 supports Photoshop CC 2014 and Illustrator CC 2014! Now all the Photoshops and Illustrators from CS3 to CC 2014 have a color wheel panel!

Together with CC Next announcement from Adobe we’re happy to present the new version! MagicPicker Lite is a special version for new Adobe Creative Cloud 2014. And a special edition it has a special price! You can get new MagicPicker lite from here:
MagicPicker Lite – the ultimate color wheel and color picker for Illustrator & Photoshop CC 2014

And if you already have MagicPicker 3.1 license – you get it for free! (on the same page).