Our new panel gets highlighted

Take a glimpse on our new upcoming Photoshop panel – Ethereal – in this episode on a weekly US show The Grid. Ethereal will allow you to tune our MagicPicker color wheel and draw with your bare fingers/hands/pencils/brushes in the air! (Starts at 14:55) The future is almost here!

Ethereal – draw in the air with Photoshop and Leap Motion

Imagine you could draw in the air with your bare handsā€¦. but oh, now you can! Together with Crispy Driven Pixels, Inc we developed a new panel which connects to the Leap Motion device and allows you to paint with your fingers in Photoshop! If you own a Leap device please contacts us – we need beta testers willing to manifest their imagination from the air!
Works best with our MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel panel

Ethereal – draw in the air with Photoshop