Tip#31: HSB/RGB sliders flexibility in new MagicPicker

Sliders variability in MagicPicker color wheel
Sliders variability in MagicPicker color wheel

New MagicPicker 3 increases flexibility of HSB/RGB sliders. Now you can scale them down to thin subtle lines that don’t obscure or block you from picking colors on the color wheel! Or scale them up to the big bold rulers. While having a precise color picking instrument in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Click and drag the divider between sliders and the color wheel/color picker to increase or decrease the size of the sliders.

MagicPicker 3 – Photoshop and Illustrator Color Wheel and color picking panel

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  1. Great tip! I’m really a great fan of your work and this blog, Im a Fine Arts, Advertising stduent in the Philippines, and I’m not that good in digital manipulation so your website helps me a lot! I’m currently doing my thesis on childhood obesity, and i’m doing comic type ads, I’m still in the process of learning to draw cartoons showing motion and better facial expressions. Anyway, thanks. 😀

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