MagicTints 2.1! Faster LUT, up to x128 export

MagicTints 2.1 - faster LUT, up to x128 export, more


– Now correctly works in the environment with two-byte characters (like Chinese)
– LUT 128x128x128 is now possible! Now correctly exports large LUTs of 64x64x64, 72x72x72, 128x128x128 etc..
– LUT generation is much faster
– LUTs are now much more precise, especially on big sizes (fixed problems with desaturation and banding)
– Now there are no limits on source image size when creating a LUT
– The GPU icon on the top is now less visible when GPU processing is disabled – to distinguish between sates
– Fixed a problem with partial color matching on AMD GPUs
– Fixed a problem with some LUTs (like 17x17x17 and 128x128x128) not opening in Photoshop and 3D/Video software

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2 thoughts on “MagicTints 2.1! Faster LUT, up to x128 export”

  1. Magic Tints 2 color matching panel works and works and works, probably into eternity. How can I stop it without shutting down the PS?

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