Fix MagicTints not working on macOS Catalina (Big Sur, Monterey etc)


If you have updated to macOS 10.15+ Catalina (or higher – El Capitan, Big Sur or Monterey etc.) you may have noticed that MagicTints panel¬†stopped working in Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or InDesign CC. You cannot apply color correction and match colors between layers. Some users reported errors like “MagicTints1.jsx cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified” and “Could not color match the following layers…”.

Don’t worry, there’s a fix for that! Please do the following (see below):

MagicTints macOS Catalina error fix
MagicTints macOS Catalina error (fixed)
 1) Download MagicTints Catalina fix script

 2) Open Adobe Photoshop CC and choose File -> Scripts -> Browse and locate MagicTintsCatalinaFix.jsx you just downloaded

 3) That's it! Enjoy MagicTints

Please note that I don’t recommend to update to macOS Catalina yet as Photoshop itself may act strangely, there are problems with UI Scaling and other plugins. Hopefully Apple and Adobe would provide a fix soon. We will also publish the new update MagicTints that doesn’t require any additional scripts to run.

Please stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy MagicTints!

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#25: Triangle, Box and Diamond color wheel modes in MagicPicker 3.0

New MagicPicker brings Triangle, Box and Diamond modes on the color wheel. With one click of the button you get the tool best matching your painting style and a better color coverage in shades and saturation!

MagicPicker's Triangle, Box and Diamond modes of color wheel
MagicPicker's Triangle, Box and Diamond modes of color wheel

Just click the button on the top-right of the color wheel. Works in Photoshop and Illustrator.

MagicPicker Illustrator and Photoshop color wheel and other panels