Tip#51: K-Lock in MagicPicker 4

K-Lock lets you keep your colors bright in CMYK and decrease K level to 10% or zero in any given color! You can make colors darker or brighter while keeping value of K the same so they all come out vivid when printing. Just set the value and then click the button to lock it down. You can adjust K on the fly in that mode making colors even darker!

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Image © Marcelo Maiolo, colorist on Batman Beyond, Pacific Rim

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#22: Profile-calibrated CMYK color values in Photoshop

Get correct profile-calibrated CMYK values from MagicPicker panel for correct reproduction of colors when printing your artwork. MagicPicker uses your current Color Profile in Photoshop to calculate proper values. You can convert between CMYK/RGB/HSB color spaces easily.

Profile-calibrated CMYK values
Profile-calibrated CMYK values

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