Tip#53: Make use of MagicPicker’s versatility (Feel free to indulge yourself!)

MagicPicker is designed to be easily dockable and to fit automatically any kind of Photoshop or Illustrator environment. In any combination with other panels, like Layers, Brushes it will smartly take up your space. With quick access to all of its numerous controls and modes.

Use MagicPicker in horizontal or vertical layout inside your favorite Adobe software.┬áDock it to any part of the interface or leave as a standalone panel. Or even keep it incredibly small in Compact Mode if you’re a fan of ascetic UI configuration!

Magic Picker: versatility

MagicPicker, the color wheel and advanced color picking panel

Tip#40: Color wheel modes in MagicPicker 4

MagicPicker 4 color wheel modes
MagicPicker 4 color wheel modes

In addition to Triangle, Box and Diamond modes of the color wheel new MagicPicker adds Color Temperature Wheel mode. It lets you limit your color gamut to only warm or only cool colors (will be covered later in more detail). To switch modes click on the button on the top right to get the he tool best matching your painting style and a better color coverage in shades and saturation! You can also ALT-click to quickly switch to the Color Temperature mode.

MagicPicker, the color wheel and advanced color picker for Photoshop and Illustrator

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#20: MagicPicker color picking modes

Easily switch between color wheel and color pane in Photoshop with MagicPicker panel. Use buttons on the top to change the color picking mode. Color pane supports H,S,B and R,G,B modes while Color wheel supports color schemes – providing advanced color picking solution for digital painting, photo manipulation or graphic design

MagicPicker color picking modes
MagicPicker color picking modes

MagicPicker, Photoshop color wheel and more

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#4: MixColors

MixColors can automatically update Photoshop’s current color with the mixed color while you’re mixing. 1. Click the “Auto-sync color with Photoshop” button. 2. Mix colors with MixColors panel and paint with new color in Photoshop right away. *Click this button again to switch back to the unsync’d mode, where you first mix the right color and then send it to Photoshop.

MixColors - mixing modes
MixColors - mixing modes

(This is one of the modes for MixColors, the others will be covered in the following tips).

MixColors – the true color mixer inside Photoshop >>>