Tip#104: Match elements from different photos ūüć≠ in one click

1) Bring backdrop into MagicTints as color reference by clicking a Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 9.00.52 PM down arrow on the toolbar
2) Select another object (image, layer, group of images) and click “Apply”

The elements will precisely color match (keeping contrast etc.) Apply to illustrations, 3D renders, photos. Works in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign plugin.
Also works in a MagicTints Desktop App on macOS and Windows – just use transparent PNGs for objects.

3)* You can use the same technique in video software like AfterEffects, Premiere or Final Cut Pro – by applying LUT exported from MagicTints

From series of tutorials for MagicTints, 1-click precise color matching app

Standalone Color Matching/Correction super-desktop app from Anastasiy

The wait is over!
New MagicTints 2 Desktop can¬†quickly¬†switch any image’s colors¬†‚ÄĒ¬†without Adobe CC. Works on macOS and¬†Windows.
Crazy fast 1-click GPU-based Color Matching between images. Adjust Mood, bring Multiple images to the same color palette. Use with any software!
– Use it together with any software: Affinity Photo, Lightroom, Sketch, Unity, GIMP, Final Cut, AfterEffects, Pixelmator. No CC subscription required. 2x faster than plugin!
– Exports LUT or images
– Brings multiple images to the color and aesthetics of existing image
– Switch lighting conditions or mood of any concept art, photo or texture
– Keep original micro-contrast, dynamic range, subtle details
– Smartest color correction ever! Accuracy on subpixel level. Machine Learning core handles 8K+ resolutions. Uses your NVidia, Apple M1 or AMD GPU
– uses MagicPicker UI engine for faster speeds.
– more

New Color Matching/Correction super-panel is out!

MagicTints¬†‚ÄĒ¬†quickly¬†switch any image’s colors. New-gen pro Color Matching between images… that works!¬†Adjust mood, bring multiple images to the same color palette. All in 1 click!

MagicTints - 1-click color matching and color correction
MagicTints – 1-click color matching and color correction
– Bring multiple images/layers to the color and aesthetics of existing image

РSwitch lighting conditions or mood of any concept art, photo or texture
–¬†Bring objects to background/matte¬†color¬†in 1 click
–¬†Keep original micro-contrast, dynamic range, subtle details
РForget LUTs. No late night tuning. Works in seconds
–¬†Smartest color correction ever! Accuracy on subpixel level. Machine Learning core handles 8K+ resolutions
РSupports Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom CC, XD CC, Affinity Photo, Sketch, iOS, Windows, macOS, Android (standalone)
–¬†uses¬†MagicPicker¬†UI engine for faster speeds
– more

How to fix freeze, stutter, lags, slowdown and stylus pressure problems in Photoshop (MagicPicker and other panels can be affected)

This only affects Windows/Adobe Photoshop CC Users that have installed Windows Creators Fall Update. The symptoms in Photoshop CC may include (but not limited to):

  • The stylus is lagging when you click and press on the panel
  • You can click and select a color with it, but you can’t drag the sliders
  • The plugin won’t recognize the stylus when pressing and moving across the color picking areas
  • If you click on the panel with Wacom pen then the color updates. But if I press and drag the panel does nothing. You can only tap
  • When you want to pick a color and move it with Pro Pen on Cintiq then you can’t move it. Only double click works. Also¬†it still works with mouse
  • You lost pen pressure sensitivity on Photoshop

All those problems are connected to Photoshop CC’s bug with stylus and tablet, in most cases it’s a Wacom tablet-only problem but it affects other tablets as well.

The good news it’s very easy to fix! Please do the following (the fix bellow applies to all versions of Photoshop you just need to replace Photoshop’s version in the path):


1) Go to your Wacom preferences and disable ‚ÄúWindows Ink‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúWindows Freehand‚ÄĚ (the name depends on your Wacom drivers version)
This is not all! After this step you will probably lose pen pressure sensitivity, so follow next steps to avoid it:

2) Go to C:\Users\‚ÄúYOURNAME‚ÄĚ\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC2018\Adobe Photoshop CC2018 Settings\ and modify a file called PSUserConfig.txt (create a new file if it doesn‚Äôt exist). You need to add the following lines:
# Use WinTab
UseSystemStylus 0

3) Restart

That’s it! Those simple steps will make sure you will keep pressure sensitivity on your tablet while fixing the problem with Adobe Photoshop.

Tip#47: MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts/modifiers cheat sheet

One of the biggest support cases is the knowledge of keyboard modifiers in MagicPicker. Basically it’s three of them: ALT, SHIFT and CTRL/CMD. And here they go in one place altogether!

MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet
MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

Don’t forget that you can use a combination of them as well! Like Pressing ALT+SHIFT on the color wheel will change background color while keeping the color’s tone with temporary Tone Lock last the same time!

MagicPicker, the advanced color wheel for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Panels Tips & Tricks: Open MagicPicker with a shortcut

This time I will tell you how to toggle MagicPicker color wheel panel with a shortcut. You can open and close the panel with the same keyboard shortcut!
This is a Photoshop solution currently, we’re working to make it for Illustrator as well!
1) Download this script
2) Unpack and put file MagicPickerToggle.jsx into Presets/Scripts folder
3) Now launch Photoshop and click Edit -> Keyboard shortcuts… and assign a new shortcut for File / Scripts / MagicPickerToggle

*Note – in Photoshop CS3 you can skip steps 1,2 and assign shortcut to File / Scripts / Run MagicPicker

Works on Mac and Windows. Enjoy!

MagicPicker and MixColors just got better!

MagicPicker and MixColors just got better!

MagicPicker color wheel v2.2 and MixColors color mixer v1.1
MagicPicker color wheel v2.2 and MixColors color mixer v1.1

* Calibrated monitors support on Mac OS X 10.8+ and Windows 7+ * Better support for Photoshop CS6 and Dark UI * Copy Hex color with one click in MagicPicker * Better interaction with Photoshop Swatches * Speed of MixColors is improved dramatically * Small bug fixes and speed improvements * Much more in MagicPicker v2.2 and MixColors v1.1!