Better than the right-click? No click! New MagicSquire 1.3 delivers right-click replacement

MagicSquire 1.3 delivers Compact Mode
MagicSquire 1.3 delivers Compact Mode

– NEW! Use new touchless Compact Mode (click MagicSquire menu, then Compact Mode). Panel shrinks to a one-brush display, when you hover your cursorĀ over the panel it expands to the full brush view! Now click to select brushes. Switch between two views without a single click.
– NEW! ALT-click a brush to use it as a Eraser or any other tool! Works the following way: 1) Alt-click the brush 2) Select the new tool you want to apply the brush to. Paint and erase with the same brush!
– More improvements and fixes to brush/tool handling on Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014, CC2015 and CC2017

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MagicSquire, the compact brush organizing plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Tip#47: MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts/modifiers cheat sheet

One of the biggest support cases is the knowledge of keyboard modifiers in MagicPicker. Basically it’s three of them: ALT, SHIFT and CTRL/CMD. And here they go in one place altogether!

MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet
MagicPicker keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

Don’t forget that you can use a combination of them as well! Like Pressing ALT+SHIFT on the color wheel will change background color while keeping the color’s tone with temporary Tone Lock last the same time!

MagicPicker, the advanced color wheel for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Tip#45: Quickly switch to Color Temperature Wheel mode and back with one click!

If you want to quickly tune color’s temperature while working in the classic color wheel mode – ALT-click on the Triangle/Box/Diamond modes button. The MagicPicker will switch to the Color Temperature Wheel mode and if you ALT-click the button again it will bring you back to the previous state of the color wheel!

Quickly adjust color temperature with MagicPicker
Quickly adjust color temperature with MagicPicker

Works in MagicPicker since version 4.3. Works in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 and CS3.

MagicPicker, the advanced color wheel and color picker (and other panels for Adobe software).

Tip#35: SHIFT temporarily locks colors’ brightness

MagicPicker - shift for Tone Lock
MagicPicker - shift for Tone Lock

Press SHIFT while dragging the pointer on the color wheel (or the stripe in the color pane mode) to bring the colors you pick to the same tone. SHIFT activates temporary Tone Lock mode (usually switched on with the button). While moving your mouse MagicPicker will bring all the colors you choose to the same gamma.

MagicPicker 3.1 update – keyboard shortcut, Illustrator improvements, new features!

MagicPicker 3.1 color wheel & color picker update!
MagicPicker 3.1 color wheel & color picker update!

– Link to assign keyboard shortcut from inside the panel (fly-out menu -> Keyboard shortcut…)
– Press, hold and move mouse on numerical HSB/RGB/CMYK boxes to quickly change the numbers
– Improved CC support, improved Illustrator support
– Improved loading performance!
– Small UI fixes
– Fixed a small glitch on selected ATI Radeon cards on Windows
– Improved speed and behavior of the color pane in HSB and RGB modes
– Improved HSB/RGB modes behavior with eyedropper

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Panels Tips & Tricks: Open MagicPicker with a shortcut

This time I will tell you how to toggle MagicPicker color wheel panel with a shortcut. You can open and close the panel with the same keyboard shortcut!
This is a Photoshop solution currently, we’re working to make it for Illustrator as well!
1) Download this script
2) Unpack and put file MagicPickerToggle.jsx into Presets/Scripts folder
3) Now launch Photoshop and click Edit -> Keyboard shortcuts… and assign a new shortcut for File / Scripts / MagicPickerToggle

*Note – in Photoshop CS3 you can skip steps 1,2 and assign shortcut to File / Scripts / Run MagicPicker

Works on Mac and Windows. Enjoy!