MagicTints 1.2 is here!

New MagicTints 1.2 fixes all problems with macOS Catalina and improves Color Palettes (in addition to color reference images) creation, more!

MagicTints Color Matching & Correction, version 1.2
MagicTints Color Matching & Correction, version 1.2

– Now you can create color palettes (instead of using color source images) on InDesign and Illustrator
– Improved color matching on older CPUs, improved messaging
– Fixed permission problems when running on macOS 10.15 Catalina
 Improved color matching speed

Get MagicTints 1.2 update

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Fix MagicTints not working on macOS Catalina


If you have updated to macOS 10.15 Catalina you may have noticed that MagicTints panel¬†stopped working in Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or InDesign CC. You cannot apply color correction and match colors between layers. Some users reported errors like “MagicTints1.jsx cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified” and “Could not color match the following layers…”.

Don’t worry, there’s a fix for that! Please do the following (see below):

MagicTints macOS Catalina error fix
MagicTints macOS Catalina error (fixed)
 1) Download MagicTints Catalina fix script

 2) Open Adobe Photoshop CC and choose File -> Scripts -> Browse and locate MagicTintsCatalinaFix.jsx you just downloaded

 3) That's it! Enjoy MagicTints

Please note that I don’t recommend to update to macOS Catalina yet as Photoshop itself may act strangely, there are problems with UI Scaling and other plugins. Hopefully Apple and Adobe would provide a fix soon. We will also publish the new update MagicTints that doesn’t require any additional scripts to run.

Please stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy MagicTints!

Tip#89: Auto-update background/foreground color relationship when using eyedropper

Keep relationship between foreground and background colors when using eyedropper. In Photoshop click Link button next to color swatches on MagicPicker color wheel panel and then use eyedropper.

Keep linked background to foreground w/eyedropper in MagicPicker color wheel
Keep linked background to foreground w/eyedropper in MagicPicker color wheel

Background color will update automatically. So for example you can always have complementary color in the background swatch.

MagicPicker is a professional color wheel panel for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Tip#88: Use MagicSquire’s PRO Mode for direct access to brushes in groups

Get rid of the UI and directly access Photoshop brushes while keeping them organized in groups! Use MagicSquire’s PRO Mode:

MagicSquire's PRO Mode: simplify brush group interface
MagicSquire’s PRO Mode: simplify brush group interface

Click MagicSquire menu -> PRO Mode

Works in Vertical and Horizontal modes of the panel.

MagicSquire is a brush group/tag organizing plugin for Adobe Photoshop

MagicSquire 3.3 brings stability and performance improvements

MagicSquire 3.3 is out! It’s a small service update that brings stability and performance improvement.

MagicSquire professional brush manager update 3.3
MagicSquire professional brush manager update 3.3

Upgrade MagicSquire

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