Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#8: Change amount of “paint” you’re mixing in MixColors

In MixColors hold and then move your mouse (or pen) to change the amount of paint you’re adding to the mix. The paint is correctly mixed with the main color – like it’s in real life. When you pick more paint the mix will be different. You can do it in different areas of MixColors interface.

Change amount of "paint" you're mixing in MixColors

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#5: MagicPicker + MixColors in a single panel

Attach MixColors to MagicPicker to have a single panel with huge current color, mixing, swatches, color wheel and all the features of both panels working in collaboration for easier usage. It includes Compact Mode and all color tasks you need. Click MagicPicker’s/MixColors’ menu -> Attach Panels… to do that.

Attach Panels - MagicPicker + MixColors
Attach Panels - MagicPicker + MixColors

The combined panel works faster. You can also use new panel in Compact Mode when you have the panel minimized and it automatically expands (no click needed) when you move mouse over it.

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#4: MixColors

MixColors can automatically update Photoshop’s current color with the mixed color while you’re mixing. 1. Click the “Auto-sync color with Photoshop” button. 2. Mix colors with MixColors panel and paint with new color in Photoshop right away. *Click this button again to switch back to the unsync’d mode, where you first mix the right color and then send it to Photoshop.

MixColors - mixing modes
MixColors - mixing modes

(This is one of the modes for MixColors, the others will be covered in the following tips).

MixColors – the true color mixer inside Photoshop >>>