Ethereal – draw in the air with Photoshop and Leap Motion

Imagine you could draw in the air with your bare handsā€¦. but oh, now you can! Together with Crispy Driven Pixels, Inc we developed a new panel which connects to the Leap Motion device and allows you to paint with your fingers in Photoshop! If you own a Leap device please contacts us – we need beta testers willing to manifest their imagination from the air!
Works best with our MagicPicker Photoshop color wheel panel

Ethereal – draw in the air with Photoshop

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#22: Profile-calibrated CMYK color values in Photoshop

Get correct profile-calibrated CMYK values from MagicPicker panel for correct reproduction of colors when printing your artwork. MagicPicker uses your current Color Profile in Photoshop to calculate proper values. You can convert between CMYK/RGB/HSB color spaces easily.

Profile-calibrated CMYK values
Profile-calibrated CMYK values

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Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#19: Two modes of MixColors

There are two modes for mixing colors in Photoshop with MixColors. 1) When you blend current Photoshop’s color (shown as small swatch box) moving your mouse around central field. Then you set current color by clicking on MixColors’ eyedropper. 2) Photoshop’s color is set immediately to the new blended color. You can blend colors from swatches on the left or bottom. Switch modes with Auto-sync button

Two modes of blending colors in Photoshop with MixColors
Two modes of blending colors in Photoshop with MixColors

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