Tip#106: Bring multiple objects to same palette with MagicTints

Select multiple layers
Select multiple layers

Select multiple pixel layers and then click “Apply” on MagicTints panel. That’s it! MagicTints will bring all selected objects to the same palette, from the Color Reference list. All at once.

  • You can choose specific colors or use any image as a target color reference. Works very accurately, transfers colors and contrast immediately.
  • You can also assign Keyboard Shortcut to that operation

Works in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

Or you can export LUT and use on any photo video in Affinity Photo, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Final Cut or even in 3D software like Unity, Blender or Unreal Engine.

MagicTints is also available as a standalone app on macOS or Windows.

From series of tutorials for MagicTints, 1-click accurate color matching

Panels Tips & Tricks. Tip#19: Two modes of MixColors

There are two modes for mixing colors in Photoshop with MixColors. 1) When you blend current Photoshop’s color (shown as small swatch box) moving your mouse around central field. Then you set current color by clicking on MixColors’ eyedropper. 2) Photoshop’s color is set immediately to the new blended color. You can blend colors from swatches on the left or bottom. Switch modes with Auto-sync button

Two modes of blending colors in Photoshop with MixColors
Two modes of blending colors in Photoshop with MixColors

MixColors, Photoshop color mixer and more